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Last modified on 5/11/2010 11:43 AM by User.


Plugin API Versioning

The FogBugz Plugin API is versioned using Major and Minor version numbers in the form Major.Minor, e.g. 3.5

  • Major Versions represent non backwards-compatible changes that require Plugins to be rebuilt.
  • Minor Versions represent backwards-compatible additions to the Plugin API.

Plugins in their Assembly Attributes must specify their required Major and Minor Versions.

[assembly: AssemblyFogCreekMajorVersion(3)]
[assembly: AssemblyFogCreekMinorVersionMin(5)]

When a Plugin is loaded, FogBugz checks these versions against it's own version using the following rules:

  1. Major Versions must match exactly
  2. The FogBugz Minor Version must greater than or equal to the Plugin minor version

For example, if FogBugz is using Version 2.5, it will accept Plugins using Version 2.0 - 2.5, and reject a Plugin using 1.x or 3.x or greater.

The current version of the Plugin API can be found in the API Release Notes.

Note: FogBugz Assembly Attributes are specified in the FogBugz.Plugins assembly.  Plugins must reference FogBugz.Plugins.dll, found in

[path to FogBugz]/Website/bin/FogCreek.Plugins.dll