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Sample Plugins
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Last modified on 4/15/2009 1:40 PM by User.


Sample Plugins

Below are some sample plugins which demonstrate just some of what the FogBugz Plugin architecture is capable of:

  • Hello, world: Complete instructions from creating the project in Visual Studio to compiling, uploading and installing a Plugin with one click.

  • Monospace BugEvents: Create an extremely simple plugin to apply CSS styles to the case view bug events.

  • Assign To Me Button: Add a button in the case view to assign the case to the current user in one click - great for grabbing incoming customer emails or backlog features.

  • A simple todo list: This plugin walks you through adding a new table to the FogBugz database to store todo items which are associated with each user as well as an interface to add and remove items.

  • Create a kiwi zoo: This plugin is similar to the todo list in functionality, but uses a more advanced UI, taking advantage of FogBugz's standard interface elements.

For more examples of what Plugins can do, see the How-To articles, or the full list of interfaces that plugins can implement.