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How to implement a download feature?

Is it a matter of implementing IPluginRawPageDisplay?

If I implement the IPluginRawPageDisplay interface do I still have access to the response object (coming from a Java world here) so I can set the mime type and write the data out to it?

A brief example would be appreciated if possible.

Thanks as always.
Martin Zardecki Send private email
Wednesday, June 17, 2009
It depends what you want to download: IPluginRawPageDisplay is for text, and IPluginBinaryPageDisplay is for binary data.  Both allow you to set the content headers / mime type.

The wiki documentation for IPluginBinaryPageDisplay covers downloading a file and setting the content type and content disposition headers:  If you want to use IPluginRawPageDisplay, you can just follow the example for BinaryPageDisplay and return a string instead of byte[].
David Fullerton Send private email
Thursday, June 18, 2009

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