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BugDisplayEditLeft and BugDisplayEdit Top Display

I've noticed a few quirks about how controls added in the BugDisplayEditLeft BugDisplayEditTop mothods are added to the UI.

Quirk 1: When editing a closed case, it calls the BugDisplayView... methods instead of the BugDisplayEdit.. methods.

Quirk 2: The controls added in the BugDisplayEditLeft methods are treated like fields even if they aren't. For example it is in the "Add Fields" box, and after you add it, there is a shortcut menu allowing the user to only show it when it has a value (which is meaningless in my context).

Both of them seem logical if you are using this API feature to add editable fields to the case, but not so much when the controls are meant to initiate actions. For example, I'm trying to add a Markdown help link and a markdown preview button. I've also noticed the Balsamiq plug-in suffers from Quirk 1, although it is probably a moot point since adding a drawing to a closed case is not all that useful.
John Fuex Send private email
Monday, August 10, 2009
Hmm, you're right we only really thought about these interfaces in the context of editable fields.  I'll open a case to revisit it, but for now you'll have to work around it.
David Fullerton Send private email
Tuesday, August 11, 2009

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