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"Installing FogBugz Locally" and license usage

I am following the advice to install FogBugz locally for plugin development, but I am concerned about license usage. I can load plugins but I cannot create new cases without adding a license to my local installation. Will that chew up users from my production server? I am surprised there is no "kill bit" that only serves requests from or a license key that only allows users from

Won't I run into problems if I install the license keys on the server and my dev machine? Also, I am in the process of building up a new Windows 7 dev VM but can only work on my Vista VM for now. Will I run into problems if I move from one dev machine to another? That is why I am surprised there is no special plugin developer's license key.
David Smith Send private email
Tuesday, August 11, 2009
You should be safe to use your licenses on up to two machines (and this does not violate our license agreement as long as you are using the second only for development and testing).  If you exceed your license usage, it's a quick call to Fog Creek Tech Support to reset it.

If you'd rather not use your existing licenses, we can get you set up with a free development license that we give to On Demand customers.  Just send us an email at
David Fullerton Send private email
Tuesday, August 11, 2009

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