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Upgrading customized FogBugz 6 to version 7

We are interested in upgrading from FogBugz 6 to 7. However, we have made a number of customizations to our FogBugz 6 install and are trying to work out if they will be possible to reimplement as plugins in version 7. We currently don't have a support contract, so we can read the plugin documentation but cannot test anything. Any help from FogCreek or those of you who have been developing plugins already would be gratefully appreciated.

Our main customization has been an implementation of the Bugzilla private comments feature. This allows us to have two classes of user: internal and clients. Internal users can create private comments that are only visible to other internal users. Public comments can be created and are visible by all users.

The implementation of this has involved adding a private comment checkbox to the new comment UI, hiding or showing private comments in a different colour in the case view screen and case popup view depending on the class of user, hiding the last comment in the case list as appropriate, preventing private comments from being emailed to clients and hiding private comments from the RSS feeds and API.

It looks like the IPluginBugEventDisplay interface may allow us to hide to style comments appropriately in the case view screen, but I can’t find interfaces to implement the other requirements. Is there an interface to customize the new comment UI? Can the plugin system be used to control email notifications, RSS feeds and the API?

We've also made changes to hide various items from client users. These areas include estimates (in the case view and list – including summaries), estimation reports and source control changes. We've made these changes in the UI and API. Most of the plugin interfaces I've looked at appear to concern adding functionality to the user interface. Is it possible to disable functionality? We’d want to be able to remove the links to disabled functionality as well as preventing direct access to the page.

Finally, we've made a number of language changes by disabling all languages other than English and modifying the appropriate lang.asp page. Is it still possible to do this in FogBugz 7?

I understand that FogBugz 7 is now implemented in .NET. With FogBugz 6, we were able to make these changes because the back-end functionality is contained within the ASP pages. If it is not possible to build plugins for the changes we require, is it still going to be possible to make the modifications directly in version 7?

Thanks for your help,

Phil Ross Send private email
Wednesday, September 23, 2009
In FogBugz 7 you can still modify the source.  We ship the full website source code with a compiler and build script.  We can't really support source modifications, but if you made the changes in FogBugz 6 it shouldn't be very different to do it in FogBugz 7.

You could partially implement the private comments feature using plugins as you described, but right now there's no way to hide things in the API or RSS feeds, or in general to disable functionality as you described except perhaps to create some JavaScript that hides links.  Disabling languages should be an easy reversal of the process for adding a language described here:
David Fullerton Send private email
Friday, September 25, 2009

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