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First I'd like to confirm that I have read the conditions for being a FogCreek-recognized plugin author.

However, in our case, the e-mail used to buy the licenses was/is an address from the management (the guys with the credit card paying for your software ;) ) and therefore I couldn't register using this address. Now, obviously, my plugin is marked as being unverified.

Is there a possibility to be recognized as verified author? There might be several ways of proving this. For instance, if you look into my plugin, you'll see that the DLL has been signed with a Code Signing certificate from my company. Also, the TLD for the e-mail is identical and you could ask via the e-mail address used for ordering that I'm not pretending to be someone who I am not. Heck, you could even just give us a call if you wanted to.

So is there any plan B for people who cannot use the order e-mail address for uploading plugins?
Arsène von Wyss Send private email
Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Hi Arsène-
Yes, it is our intention to make it possible (and not that hard!) to create an approved plugin for people in your situation; using the order number is just a nice automated shortcut for us. I will have the plugin gallery manager contact you about this, and we'll explain the process on our developer site.
Brett Kiefer Send private email
Thursday, November 12, 2009

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