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FogBugz XML API Development


Customizing your FogBugz installation is easy and gives you greater control over how your team uses FogBugz. You can use any development framework to interact with the FogBugz XML API, but we've provided examples in Python to get you started. Python scripts are lightweight and easy to update, which make for an ideal environment when working with the FogBugz XML API.

We've provided some resources to get you started, as well as a collection of "recipes" to solve common problems that customers have. Do you need help using the FogBugz XML API or do you have an idea for a recipe? Send an email to We're happy to help!

Getting Started


  • FogBugz XML API Version 8 - The complete documentation for the FogBugz XML API provides all of the commands for interacting with FogBugz data. The documentation is language and framework agnostic. See Detailed Guide to Using FogBugzPy for using the Documentation in conjunction with FogBugzPy.


Recipe Conventions - We use a common set of conventions in our recipe scripts. You should read about them here.

  • Backup FogBugz - A lightweight backup script that stores case data in HTML files.
  • Delete Email Address - FogBugz stores a list of email addresses that have been used in cases containing email messages. You can't delete these email addresses from within FogBugz, but you can delete them using the FogBugz API.
  • Milestones to Trello - Represent your FogBugz cases as Trello Cards with one-way updating.
  • Promote Area to Project - If you want to turn an existing Area into its own Project, this script will do that and then move all the cases from the original Area to the new Project.
  • Random Assignment - A script for randomly assigning cases to the various members of a team. This is especially helpful for support teams.
  • Unsubscribe Me - A script to unsubscribe the user from all cases for which they are currently subscribed.
  • Upload Attachment - A script to create a new case with an attachment.


  • FogBugzPy is our python wrapper for the XML API
  • There are also libraries for .NET, php and more on the FogBugz Extras page.