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Welcome to the FogBugz Development Community

It's easy to build upon the FogBugz development platform:

  • The FogBugz Plugin Interfaces and Plugin API allow you to customize and extend your FogBugz site by modifying existing functionality or adding new features. You can browse existing plugins at the FogBugz Plugin Gallery, or get started writing your own.
  • The FogBugz XML API allows you to use simply-formatted HTTP requests to perform custom actions and retrieve data from your FogBugz site. Once authenticated, any application using the FogBugz API can view and edit just about anything, from FogBugz cases to developer work schedules. See documentation or the FogBugz XML API Development Wiki.

This documentation covers the Plugin Interfaces and API. For help with using the XML API, we have documentation and tutorials here.

Getting Started

  • FogBugz Plugin Gallery: Browse, search, download and try the plugins currently available from Fog Creek and the FogBugz community.
  • An Introduction to Plugins: Contains a brief description of how plugins work, what they can and can't do, and instructions for getting started installing Plugins.
  • A Quick Start Guide: See a simple "Hello, world" example that covers everything from setting up a development environment to writing the code and running it in FogBugz.
  • Get Technical Support: If you have any questions about FogBugz plugin development, feel free to contact us directly.


  • Plugin Security: The steps you need to take to keep your plugin safe from malicious intent.

Lightweight Documentation

  • "How To" Guides: A series of guides on how to do specific tasks using the Plugin API.  Even if the particular feature you want isn't described here, you should be able to find something that gets you started.
  • Sample Plugins: See some simple example plugins that show just a tiny bit of what Plugins can do.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Answers to many common Plugin development questions.
  • Selling FogBugz Plugins FAQ: Answers to some frequently asked questions about selling FogBugz plugins.

Detailed Documentation