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FogBugz Plugin API
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FogBugz Plugin API

The various Plugin APIs contained in the FogCreek.FogBugz.Plugins.Api namespace are accessible via the CPluginApi object 'api' which is provided by the Plugin class which all plugins must inherit from:

public Your_Plugin_Class(CPluginApi api): base(api) { }

Below are the basic categories of APIs, instances of which are available through members of the api object. CPluginApi also provides a method, AddPluginPrefix() and a property, PluginPrefix which as explained in Passing data to Plugins from the Client. Not all APIs are listed here. Many are used to get instances of FogBugz entities, e.g. CAreaApi is used to load or create FogBugz Areas.

  • Load FogBugz objects - such as areas, projects, time intervals, wikis.
  • CAjaxApi - AJAX functions.
  • CAllPluginsApi - Find and invoke other currently installed plugins (Article).
  • CAttachmentApi - Create, upload and access attachments.
  • CAuthenticationApi - API for methods related to XML Web API authentication (Article).
  • CDatabaseApi - How a plugin creates tables, builds queries, etc (Example).
  • CDatabaseUpgradeApi - Manage database upgrades for custom plugin tables (Example).
  • CDiffApi - An API for methods related to Diffing text.
  • CDrawingApi - Create a PNG image from text.
  • CEBSApi - Evidence Based Scheduling functions.
  • CFileApi - An API for methods related to File IO.
  • CGridApi - Grid view related functions (Example).
  • CLockApi - Database locking functions. (Article)
  • CMailApi - Send email from your FogBugz install.
  • CNotificationsApi - Display notifications and errors to the users and admins (Article).
  • CRevisionApi - Load wiki page revisions.
  • CSecurityApi - Make sure your plugin and your FogBugz site are safe (Article).
  • CSiteConfigurationApi - Determine if Kiln is enabled and if the installation is local or On Demand.
  • CSourceControlApi - Work with source control checkins.
  • CTemplateApi - Work with Wiki templates.
  • CTimeZoneApi - Convert between the client's timezone (CTZ), server timezone (STZ) and DB timezone (UTC) (Article)
  • CUIApi - Wrap some HTML in standard FogBugz "chrome."
  • CUrlApi - Access various plugin and FogBugz Urls (Article).
  • CUtilApi - General FogBugz utility functions. 
  • CWikiApi - Methods for manipulating whole wikis.
  • CWikiPageApi - Methods for manipulating wiki pages.
  • CWorkflowApi - Create and load workflows.

Also, in the FogCreek.FogBugz.Plugins namespace, there are several classes

  • CPluginKeyValueTable - Stores plugin-wide settings (Article)
  • CPluginPostFile - Handle posted files.
  • CPluginRequest - Access the HTTP request object (Article).
  • CPluginResponse - Set content type, encoding, etc of the HTTP response object.

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