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API Release Notes
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API Release Notes

API Version 3.50 (FogBugz 8.6.50)

  • CPermissionGroup is exposed to the API (3.50)
  • IPluginPermissionGroupCommit is added as a new interface (3.50)
  • IPluginGroups added as a new interface (3.49)
  • Expose CPerson.CommitWorkingOn[Nothing] to allow plugins to interact with ixBugWorkingOn. (3.48)
  • Expose Json.Serialize, added Json serialization to the API (3.47)
  • Added functions to access licensing status (3.45)
  • Added public member ixAttachmentProfilePicture to CPerson class (3.44)
  • Added Optional fAscending parameter to functions ListNow/ForPerson/ForTemplate/ForWiki in CAttachmentList. (3.43)
  • Added to default.was "public" runners: pgAlaCarteShowProfilePicture; preProfilePictureUpload; preProfilePictureClean (3.43)
  • Added function ListNowForPerson to CAttachmentList (3.42)
  • Added functions to CAttachment: Get ixPerson, AddPersonReference, GetPersonReference (3.41)
  • Added CFilter.Count() (3.40)

API Version 3.39 (FogBugz 8.4.87)

  • Changes to FogBugz Mobile v2 (3.39)
  • Added AttachmentDownloadURL (3.37)

API Version 3.36 (FogBugz 8.3.42)

  • GetPlainText() method added to BugEvent (3.36)
  • Changes for Mobile (3.35)
  • IPluginJS and IPluginCSS added (3.34)
  • ABTest / IsABTest() (3.25)

API Version 3.24 (FogBugz 8.2.22)

  • Added interface IPluginPseudoBugEvent (3.24)
  • Refactored UrlApi.PluginStaticJsUrl and UrlApi.PluginStaticCssUrl (3.23)
  • Added UrlApi.PluginStaticJsUrl & UrlApi.PluginStaticCssUrl (3.22)
  • Added Html.WhitespaceToHtml (3.21)
  • Added CSelectQuery.AddOrderByTextColumn (3.20)
  • Added CBug.NotifyUserOfChange (3.19)

API Version 3.18 (FogBugz 8.0.32)

  • Fixed snippets to play nicely with plugins (3.18)
  • Added AddBuildDateDiffClause (3.17)
  • Added to the view types enum (3.16)
  • Added GetAllPluginFields (3.15)
  • Added flag to IPluginFilterToolbarMenu's only method to indicate a search (3.14)
  • Renamed Version to sVersion so as to assert the difference between the deprecated 'Version' (3.13)
  • Added CWikiView.ixPriority for sorting wiki view links. (3.12)
  • Added CSelectQuery.AddCaseInsensitiveOrderBy (3.11)
  • Added an interface to render smarter menu options for reporting (3.10)
  • Added an interface to render filter options without HTML (3.9)
  • Added a flag to determine if filter options can be rendered with HTML (3.9)
  • Replaced WikiTemplateWidgetRender with WikiTemplateWidgetArticleRender and WikiTemplateWidgetNonArticleRender (3.8)
  • Add IPluginWikiNavigationView (3.7)

API Version 3.6 (FogBugz 8.0)

  • Added IPluginWikiTemplateWidget (3.6)

API Version 3.5 (FogBugz 7.3)

  • Plugin order of execution is now determined by sPluginID (AssemblyFogCreekPluginIdAttribute). This is not meant as a method of allowing plugins to specify precedence, rather, it's a stabilizing enforcement.  Now, if two plugins are in conflict, they will always be in conflict rather than only sometimes.
  • In the HTML display of cases, IDs added to bugevent divs and their relevant children. Example:

    <div class="bugevent" id="bugevent_6332256">
        <div class="summary" id="bugeventSummary_6332256">...
        <div class="changes" id="bugeventChanges_6332256">...
        <div class="body" id="bugeventBody_6332256">...

  • Exposed CBugEvent.RenderHTML() - Returns an html rendering of a bugevent in the format displayed in the previous example. All appropriate plugin hooks are invoked.
  • New interface IPluginBugEventDisplayHeader - The bugevent header field (div class summary, in html sample above) is now available for render-time modification via the plugin api (Example).
  • CBugEvent.CommitAttachmentAssociation() - Allows plugins to add attachments to existing bugevents.
  • Exposed two icons in the FogCreek.FogBugz.UI namespace -
    • Icons.LoadingIcon and Icons.LoadingIconUrl (the "throbber" gif)
    • Icons.AttachmentIcon and Icons.AttachmentIconURL (the "paperclip" gif)
  • New interface IPluginBugEventDisplayChanges - The bugevent changes field (div class changes, in html sample above) is now available for render-time modification via the plugin api (Example).
  • jQueryUI 1.7.2 (widgets excluded) is now part of FogBugz. Plugins may depend on jQueryUI being present.
  • Exposed CBugEvent.CommitS() - Instances of bugevents may now alter their "s" field and then call CommitS in order to commit the changes to the database. CommitS accepts a "sChangeToAppend" string to allow the changelog of the bugevent to be updated alongside the textual commit.  CommitS does NOT create a new bugevent. This allows for silent editing and event text deletion, as demonstrated in the Case Event Edit plugin.
  • Expose the CDiffApi.DiffToHtml() method, which will run our diffing system on a pair of input strings and return a pair of html-marked-up output strings with diff markup.

API Version 3.2 (FogBugz 7.2)

  • The plugin prefix is no longer required in GET and POST request parameters for the plugin page and plugin raw page only. See this article for details.

API Version 3.1 (FogBugz 7.0.17)

  • Added CFileApi, accessible via api.File, which allows reading plugin files

API Version 3.0 (FogBugz 7.0)

  • Initial public release