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Welcome to the Kiln Development Community

With the release of Kiln 2.0 comes the Kiln API 1.0, which provides read and write capability to a veritable smörgåsbord of the information previously locked away in Kiln.

Getting Started

Detailed Documentation

  • Authentication: How to make yourself known.
  • Common Errors: Error machine codes every API call might return.
  • People Permissions: Customize project and repository permissions.
  • Projects: Projects are the namespaces in Kiln, encapsulating repository groups, repository aliases, and more.
  • Repository Groups: Repository groups are an organizational convenience for aggregating repositories.
  • Repositories: Repositories, a representation of Mercurial repositories, are the bread and butter of Kiln.
  • Repository Aliases: Repository aliases are persistent, alternative names you can attach to a repository for convenient access.
  • Reviews: The same reviews you can file against changesets in Kiln.
  • Search: Search your changesets, filenames, and code.
  • SSH Keys: SSH Keys are used to authenticate against Kiln via SSH.
  • Miscellaneous: This and that, bric and brac.

All the code samples provided in this documentation are released into the public domain. Documentation itself © 2010 Fog Creek Software, Inc. All rights reserved