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Repository Groups
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Last modified on 8/16/2010 1:33 PM by User.


Repository Groups

Working with Repository Groups

As with projects, you can create, read, update, and delete repository groups in API 1.0. As a reminder, you can query for ixRepoGroup from the Api/{version}/Project call.

Api/{version}/RepoGroup/Create (POST)

You need to be a project administrator to create a repository group in the project. Takes

  • sName: the repository group name
  • ixProject: the project the repository group belongs to

and returns the new repository group's repository group record.

Api/{version}/RepoGroup/{ixRepoGroup} (GET)

You need read permissions for the project the repository group belongs to. Returns the repository group record corresponding to ixRepoGroup.

Api/{version}/RepoGroup/{ixRepoGroup} (POST)


  • sName: the new repository group name

and updates the fields on the repository group corresponding to "ixRepoGroup". Returns the updated repository group record.

Api/{version}/RepoGroup/{ixRepoGroup}/Delete (POST)

You need to be a project administrator to delete a repository group in the project. Returns true on success.


The following machine codes may be returned as errors from these calls. See also Common Errors.

  • InvalidProject: you passed an invalid ixProject.
  • CannotDeleteLastRepoGroup: you cannot delete the last repository group in a project.
  • GroupNameHasInvalidChars: a repository group's name may only contain alphanumeric characters (in addition to hyphens, spaces, and parentheses).
  • NameTooSimilarToGroup: repository group name too similar to another repository group name, creating an invalid slug.
  • DuplicateUntitledRepositoryGroupCreate: another repository group is already untitled, and you cannot create another one.
  • DuplicateUntitledRepositoryGroup: same as above, but you are trying to rename an existing repository to be untitled.
  • RepoGroupNameIdentical: another repository group with the same name already exists.