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Repository Records
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Repository Records

The Repository Record

This record contains the keys:

  • ixRepo: a unique repository identifier
  • vcs: Whether the repository is Mercurial, Git, or Harmony
  • fHasChangesets: Returns true if the repository has changesets, false if it is empty
  • sHgUrl: The HTTPS URL of the Mercurial repository
  • sGitUrl: The HTTPS URL of the Git repository
  • sHgSshUrl: The SSH URL of the Mercurial repository
  • sGitSshUrl: The SSH URL of the Git repository
  • sSlug: a unique repository URL slug
  • sGroupSlug: the repository's repository group unique URL slug
  • sProjectSlug: the repository's project unique URL slug
  • bytesSize: the size of the repository in bytes, may be null if the Kiln backend has yet to tally this information
  • personCreator: the creator's person record (may be null)
  • repoBranches: a list of repository records that are branches of this repository; the list is empty if this repository is not a central repository (only central repositories may have branch repositories, same as the website user interface)
  • sStatus: the status of the repository in the backend
  • sName: the repository name
  • sDescription: the repository description
  • ixRepoGroup: the repository group the repository belongs to
  • ixParent: the repository this repository was branched from; null if this repository was not branched from any repository
  • fCentral: returns true if the repository is central, false otherwisepermissionDefault: the default repository permission

The Changeset Record

This record contains the keys:

  • ixChangeset: a unique changeset identifier. Note: As of Kiln 2.8.11, this value is deprecated and will not be included in all responses. Use the rev key instead.
  • rev: the changeset's revision
  • sAuthor: the author's name, as configured in the author's .hgrc file
  • sDescription: the changeset message
  • dt: the changeset's date
  • revParent1: the changeset's parent revision (null if the changeset is a tail changeset)
  • revParent2: the changeset's second parent revision (null if there is none; non-null if the changeset is a merge)
  • ixBugs: a list of FogBugz case numbers corresponding to all the cases with which the changeset is associated (new in Kiln 2.5.98, see Bug/{ixBug} for the inverse functionality)
  • ixReviews: a list of FogBugz review numbers corresponding to all the review with which the changeset is associated (new in Kiln 2.7.5)
    As of Kiln 2.9, this is a list of unprefixed review identifiers. Prepend "K" to each value to construct sReview of each review.
    Deprecated in Kiln 3.0. Use sReviews.
  • sReviews: a list of review identifiers for each review containing the changeset. (new in Kiln 3.0)
  • vcs: "hg" if the changeset uses Mercurial data, "git" if Git. See also the Kiln Harmony section of API Idioms. (new in Kiln 3.0)
  • revsHg, revsGit: the hash of the corresponding changeset(s) in the Mercurial or Git version of this changeset. Kiln Harmony translates every Git changeset into a Mercurial changeset on push, and vice versa. Some translate in one system into multiple changesets in the other system, e.g. Git octopus merges. (new in Kiln 3.0)

The Changeset With Diffs Record

This record contains all the keys from the changeset record type in addition to:
  • diffs: a list of diff records, one per file modified

The Diff Record

Each diff describes the modifications to exactly one file in a given revision.
  • bsLines: the lines of the diff corresponding to a list of bytestrings
  • bpPath: the file path
  • sType: type of modification ENUM
  • bpOldPath: the file path before modification (null unless sType is "rename" or "copy")
  • modeChange: a two-element list whose first element is the file mode before modification and whose second element is the file mode after modification (null unless sType is "modechange")

The Cat Record

  • bsLines: a list of lines in the file, one bytestring per line
  • annotations: a list of annotation records (null if the API call took false for "fAnnotate")

The Annotation Record

Each annotation record describes a contiguous ordered set (block) of lines in a file at the revision responsible for those lines.
  • nLines: the size of the block in the number of lines
  • rev: the revision responsible for the block
  • sAuthor: the block author's name, as configured in the author's .hgrc

The Manifest Record

Each manifest record corresponds to exactly one file and describes its location.
  • bpPath: the path to the file as a byte path (see API Idioms)
  • sPath: the path to the file in UTF-8 (null if the server was unable to encode it as UTF-8)


The Tag Record

This record contains the keys:
  • sName: the name of the tag
  • rev: the revision of the tag


The Named Branch Record

This record contains the keys:
  • sBranch: the name of the branch
  • revs: an array of the heads of the branch

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