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Working with People

How to make friends and influence people. The API provides only read access to the people system in Kiln, access used mainly to retrieve ixPerson values to be used in other API calls.

Api/{version}/Person (GET)

Returns a list of person records readable by the user. You'll need to call this in order to determine which ixPerson to pass to certain calls, for example Review.

Working with Bugs

Api/{version}/Bug/{ixBug} (GET)

Returns a list of changeset records readable by the user. A changeset is readable if it belongs to at least one repository readable by the user. This list corresponds to all the changesets associated with ixBug, a FogBugz case number. To retrieve the associated changesets from a Git repo, include the ?vcs=git URL query-string parameter; otherwise Mercurial changesets will be returned.