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SSH Keys
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Last modified on 1/9/2014 7:45 PM by User.


SSH Keys

Available in Kiln 3.0 and higher.
SSH Keys are used to authenticate against your Kiln repositories via SSH. Kiln provides a full read/write API for managing SSH keys.

The SSH Key Record

  • ixSshKey: The unique identifier for the SSH key.
  • sName: A descriptive name for the SSH Key.
  • sPublicKey: The public key itself.
  • ixPerson: The Person for whom this key is valid.
  • dtAdded: The timestamp, in UTC, when this key was added.
Administrators can perform actions on behalf of users by passing the optional parameter "ixPerson". See Miscellaneous: Working with People for information on `ixPerson`.

Api/{version}/SshKey/ (GET)

Returns a list of SSH key records for the user.

Api/{version}/SshKey/Create (POST)

  • sName (Optional)
  • sPublicKey
and creates a new key. Returns the SSH Key Record of the new key. If sName is not set, and sPublicKey does not include a naming hint, the name will be set to "SSH Key". If sName is not set and sPublicKey does include a naming hint, the hint will be used.

Api/{version}/SshKey/{ixSshKey} (GET)

Returns the SSH key record for the specific ixSshKey.

Api/{version}/SshKey/{ixSshKey} (POST)

  • sName
and updates the description of the key. Returns the updated SSH Key Record of the key.

Api/{version}/SshKey/{ixSshKey}/Delete (POST)

Immediately deletes the key. Returns true on success.


The following machine codes are errors that may be returned from these calls. See also Common Errors.
  • InvalidKey: This is not understandable as an SSH key. Keys must be Base64-encoded DSA or RSA public keys.
  • DuplicateKey: This SSH key is already in use.
  • SshDisabled: SSH is not available on this server.