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"How To" Guides
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"How To" Guides

These guides are intended to be simple, focused guides on a specific interface or piece of functionality.  Even if the particular feature you want isn't described here, you should be able to find something that gets you started.

Getting Started

  • Compile and Install a FogBugz Plugin: A complete "Hello, world!" example plugin, from setting up the environment, to writing the code, to setting up the build process to automatically upload the Plugin to FogBugz.

Basic User Interface

Working with the FogBugz API


Extending the FogBugz UI


Localization and Internationalization

  • Time Zone Conversion: Simple API methods and best-practices for working with user time zones
  • Localize your plugin: Use .NET resource files and FogCreek.FogBugz.Globalization.CLocalizer to make sure your plugin's user interface speaks a variety of languages.