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How To Create A FogBugz-Style Pop-Up Dialog

How-To Guides > FogBugz-Style Pop-Up Dialog

The CEditableTable class (article) automatically generates code to produce FogBugz-style pop-up dialogs for its add / edit / etc links. If you don't need a table, but want to have a link pop up a dialog, you can use the following instructions to do so manually:

Sample Code

It turns out that while you may be able to use the CDialogTemplate class to create your dialog, it's better to do it manually. We have some sample code in

The plugin adds a link to the left side of the case edit view "Click here" If you click it, you get a simple form. The form posts to the plugin raw page which adds an admin notification with the color and case number.


Several namespaces are available for your plugin to use. They include many of the core FogBugz UI elements:

  • FogCreek.FogBugz.UI
  • FogCreek.FogBugz.UI.Dialog
  • FogCreek.FogBugz.UI.EditableTable

FogCreek.FogBugz.UI.EditableTable has a full example on the plugin developers site. EditableTables come with pop-up dialogs. If you just need the dialog, you should check outFogCreek.FogBugz.UI.Dialog. The AJAX example should also be helpful. Finally, you can take a look at the source of the Project Backlog plugin to see how it creates dialogs you see when editing the backlog position. You can find it in your fogbugz folder in Plugins/examples