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Last modified on 12/15/2014 5:06 PM by User.


Implementing IPluginSearchToolbar

FogBugz Plugin Interfaces > Search > IPluginSearchToolbar


This article will demonstrate a simple FogBugz plugin that implements the IPluginSearchToolbar interface contained in the FogCreek.FogBugz.Plugins.Interfaces class library.


This plugin will add an icon to the Search Tools box which will open a javascript alert with the current URL. The icon is provided by a static file. In order to include this file in the plugin's /static/ directory, a parent directory including the plugin assembly DLL and a sibling "static" folder containing the CSS file was zipped up and uploaded to FogBugz. The .zip file is inlcuded at the bottom of this article as an attachment.

Note: A real-world example would link to a plugin page which would perform some action based on the current search, for example an export of some sort.

Clicking the new clipboard icon produces the following alert:

Compile and Install It On Your Own

Download the source file:   IPluginSearchToolbar_Example.cs

Download the zip file:

Then follow these instructions to create a functioning plugin assembly: Compiling and Installing a FogBugz Plugin