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Last modified on 12/15/2014 4:42 PM by User.


Implementing IPluginWikiPageDisplay

FogBugz Plugin Interfaces > Wikis and Wiki Pages > IPluginWikiPageDisplay


This article will demonstrate a simple FogBugz plugin that implements the IPluginWikiPageDisplay interface contained in the FogCreek.FogBugz.Plugins.Interfaces class.


This plugin will replace every occurance of the string "kiwi" in the html of a wiki page and replace it with html to display a picture of a kiwi, accessed by the IPluginStaticFile interface (see Implementing IPluginStaticFile). This example may seem simplistic, but that is only because with the built-in template ability and wikiblock plugins, you can achieve most modification of the wikis more effectively at that (higher) level, without getting into this interface directly.

Editing the article, including the magic word:

The result:

Compile and Install It On Your Own

Download the source file:   IPluginWikiPageDisplay_Example.cs
Put this image in a folder named "static" and zip it alongside your dll when installing kiwi25.gif

Then follow these instructions to create a functioning plugin assembly: Compiling and Installing a FogBugz Plugin