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Last modified on 12/16/2014 12:53 PM by User.


Implementing IPluginFullTextIndexWikiPage

FogBugz Plugin Interfaces > Search > IPluginFullTextIndexWikiPage


This article will demonstrate a simple FogBugz plugin that implements the IPluginFullTextIndexWikiPage interface contained in the FogCreek.FogBugz.Plugins.Interfaces class library.

As with any action that takes place during periodic maintenance, plugin code which updates the search index should use .IgnorePermissions on any entities to make sure it has access to the entities. For more information, see Entity Member Security.


This plugin specifies text to be added to the FullTextIndex using FullTextIndex.AddText(string sText). It adds the latest revision comment so that the user may find a wiki page by comment text. For a more advanced usage of FullText indexing, see Implementing IPluginSearchAxis, IPluginFullTextIndexBug, which uses FullTextIndex.AddText(string sField, string sText), specifying a fieldname to be used in IPluginSearchAxis.

Compile and Install It On Your Own

Download the source file:   IPluginFullTextIndexWikiPage_Example.cs

Then follow these instructions to create a functioning plugin assembly: Compiling and Installing a FogBugz Plugin