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(Plugin Interfaces) Customize Case List Filters

FogBugz Plugin Interfaces > Filters

IPluginGridColumn: Add custom columns to the "grid view" case list by specifying how column data is queried, sorted, and displayed. (Example, see also Integrated Example below)

IPluginFilterJoin: Customize the data fields available in an instance of FogCreek.FogBugz.CFilter, the class representing a user's filter configuration. (Integrated Example)

IPluginFilterDisplay: Add interactive HTML controls to the "Current Filter" page (accessible from the "Customize..." option of the "Filters" drop-down menu). (Example, see also Integrated Example below)

IPluginFilterCommit: Perform custom operations when a user's case filter configuration is committed to the FogBugz database. (Integrated Example)

IPluginFilterOptions: Add custom filter criteria the filter configuration menus by specifying a set of headers and interactive HTML controls. (Integrated Example)

IPluginFilterBugEntry: Specify a specific set of case filter parameters in which the "Add Case" control appears (or does not appear) in the "grid view" case list. (Integrated Example)

Integrated Example: of the above six interfaces: Join a custom table to the Bug table, show grid columns for the new fields, allow filtering on said fields and specify options. (Integrated Example)

IPluginFilterToolbar: Add a control to the "Filter Tools" menu on the upper right of the "grid view" case list. (Example)

BugField Library: Add custom fields complete with filter option, grid column and search axis. (Article with Example)