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Last modified on 6/7/2023 (Today) 10:17 PM by FogBugz.


Title Index


FogBugz Plugin Interfaces

FogBugz Plugin Interfaces (All)

FogBugz UI Elements

Frequently Asked Questions


Generic Database Access

Get and Set Another Plugin's Bug-Joined fields


How To Access An External API

How To Add a new page to FogBugz

How To Create A FogBugz Editable Table With Pop-Up Dialogs

How To Create A FogBugz-Style Pop-Up Dialog

How To Edit Cases

How to embed a widget in a wiki page

How To Enable External API Access

How To Reference Additional Assemblies


IIS metabase access error

Image Hosting

Implementing <INTERFACE NAME>

Implementing IPluginAdminMenu

Implementing IPluginAreaJoin and IPluginAreaCommit

Implementing IPluginBinaryPageDisplay

Implementing IPluginBugCommit, IPluginBugDisplay, and IPluginBugJoin

Implementing IPluginBugEventDisplay

Implementing IPluginConfigPageDisplay

Implementing IPluginCVSJoin and IPluginCVSCommit

Implementing IPluginDailyTask

Implementing IPluginDatabase

Implementing IPluginDiscussTopicJoin, IPluginDiscussTopicDisplay, and IPluginDiscussTopicCommit

Implementing IPluginEventDisplayHeader

Implementing IPluginExtrasMenu

Implementing IPluginFilterDisplay

Implementing IPluginFilterJoin, IPluginFilterCommit, IPluginFilterDisplay, IPluginFilterOptions, IPluginFilterBugEntry

Implementing IPluginFilterToolbarMenu

Implementing IPluginFilterView

Implementing IPluginFilterViewOptions

Implementing IPluginFixForJoin, IPluginFixForCommit

Implementing IPluginFullTextIndexWikiPage

Implementing IPluginGridColumn

Implementing IPluginHeartbeatTask

Implementing IPluginJS

Implementing IPluginPageDisplay

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